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Color Girl
Written By Onyx Azor

Second Shade: Mangos + MonHun = A Good Morning

I had a dream that night. A very nice dream. A very, very nice dream. A very, very, VERY, nice dream. Probably the best dream that I’ve ever had in my entire life. A dream that most guys would loooove to have. A dream so perfectly amazing that it would make one curse reality, forever wishing that their life could be like that dream. It was that kind of dream! Want to know what it was? You really want to know? Are you suuuuurrreee??? Alright, I’ll tell you!

I dreamed that I was in my underwear at school.

Why are you laughing? What? I’m serious, it was an awesome dream! Don’t give me that look, I wasn’t finished. It gets better, I swear. Really.

Yes, I was in my underwear, in my pure white, dookie-stainless boxer briefs inside the local educational facility for young adults. However, it just so happened to be my gym period (and somehow, that alone makes being in your underwear less embarrassing. No idea why though). Not only that, but my class also happened to be spending the period in the recently built indoor pool. Not only that, but for some reason all the guys in school were absent that day, forcing the different gym classes to combine for the period. Not only that, but, as luck would have it, the school’s cheerleading squad and volleyball team came for a dip in the pool (while still in their uniforms I might add).  So basically it was maybe one hundred or so girls (the indoor pool was really huge) plus me.

Hello! A pimp of the pool named Slick Quick (Yes, you have to say the whole thing) is in the house! Ooh, I tells ya, all dem girls couldn’t keep they eyes off me (yes I’ve been watching too much of the Boondocks). Some girls giggled in their little groups while others were flustered at the sight of me (most likely because of how ripped I was. What other reason was there?). But most of the girls just called for me to hop on in and join them for some fun! How could I refuse? (A pimp of the pool named Slick Quick would be straight crazy not to.)

With my chest out and my butt flexed, I took my first step toward the pool. Just as I did, my foot hit something. I looked down to find that I’d knocked over a bottle, its contents flowing into the pool. Soon, the water became a blend of vivid colors. It was quite a sight, watching the water shift from blue to red then yellow and every other color of the rainbow. What’s more, the rays from the lights made the water sparkle and glow, reflecting the colors of the water into the air. A sight to behold indeed.

The next thing I knew, a sudden metamorphosis had started to occur among the crowd of women. In every direction I turned chests were enlarging, stretching out both swimsuits and uniforms, the fabric straining to contain the swelling flesh. Within moments almost all the girls had boobs whose size were no less than D cups! The view below the water was no different than the view above. Hips slowly expanding wider and wider, tearing shorts apart, raising skirts to reveal an assortment of different panties (giggity), and stretching swimsuits which dug into groins of many girls, causing them to moan in ecstasy (giggity goo). The growth had left about all the girls’ clothing in tatters leaving little to the imagination. Looking around again, I saw that many of the girls continued to go through strange (and erotic), transformations. I watched in bewilderment as some girls continued to grow to the point that they could literally step out of the pool. Others grew fur, scales, wings and more animal-like extremities. But most surprising was seeing girls grow extra limbs, combine with one another, and even melt into the water! It was like an all female circus was in town and had, for some reason, just decided to all take a dip in the pool!

When everything had finally settled down, all eyes were once again on me, however this time they belonged to a legion of devilishly starnge, yet erotic, women, their lustful gaze begging me to join them in the rainbow colored water. They made suggestive gestures like squeezing their boobs togethers and pressing their new bountiful bodies against each other. All of this was done in order to seduce me into leaping into the pool with the intent on having some “fun” (which I’ll assumed mostly meant sex. Could be wrong though). Some even asked me to lose my underwear, since I wouldn’t be needing them anytime soon~ (Yup, definitely meant sex).

Honestly though, all of their actions were really unnecessary. The boner I had at the moment had arrived with so much force that it burst through my boxer briefs. With the flames of manliness (and complete perversion) blazing in my eyes, I took a leap of victory into the sea of boobs! My target: the biggest set of hooters in the water! This was truly a man who had strange fetishes’ para-


“Ooow,” I grunted. “Goddamn. What the hell?”

Damn, talk about a rude awakening. I dive for boobs and hit my hardwood floor face first. Even my old alarm clock was better than this. At least it didn’t use violence to wake me up (though it did scare the shit outta me and made me flip out of bed a couple of times). Still, I guess it’s better than waking up to a bundle of wet bedsheets. Actually, on second thought, maybe it would’ve been worth it. At least then I would’ve gotten to enjoy a face full of boobs for a little while longer. Mnn, tough choice.

I was about to try and go back to sleep but the sound of my current alarm going off let me know that it was time to get ready for school anyway.  I really like this alarm because it played music from my I-pod. Made getting out of bed in the morning slightly more enjoyable. Not to mention that since it was on my desk I had to actually get out of bed to turn it off, so at that point I’m pretty much awake. I shut off my alarm and then initiated the daily ritual of preparing for school in the morning- beginning with a nice, hot shower.

I, as well as a lot of men, find the shower to be a place of tranquility, a private sanctuary  to relax and think about the things that needed to be done. The main thing on my mind this morning: the event that had taken place the night before. I’d already disproved that everything was a dream with the first piece of evidence- the small briefcase I noticed as I walked out my room. I’d also remembered following Prof. Rainbows instructions before I went to bed: mix the contents of all the bottles with my semen in order for me to be recognized as the MASTER. The whole thing still seemed crazy to me, but at the same time I was eager to test it. So with the first step of this perverted experiment done, the next step was to find someone to use it on. Only question: who would do it? I pretty sure that Professor Rainbow intended this for use on a girl. However, that condition alone made solving this question a whole lot more challenging. At least for me anyway.

I finished my shower, dried off, then went to my room where I mechanically put on my uniform, one article of clothing at a time. Once it was on, I made for the door, making sure to take both my backpack and the small briefcase with me. The backpack was a given (school obviously), but I wanted to keep the briefcase safe with me. My room wasn’t the best place for it to be today, not with my sister hanging around.I passed her room as I walked down the hallway and stopped. For a moment, I wondered if I should have her be the first one to take an elixir, not only because she was a girl, but also to get back at her for all of her teasing and pranks. I decided against it though. The most dangerous thing about my sister was that she had a way of turning the tables on me whenever we had some kind of argument or scuffle. You can believe me when I say that this was something I definitely did not want her getting her hands on. Who knows what she’d do to me? I get chills just thinking about it.

After a hearty breakfast, I made my way to the bus stop, still trying to figure out what to do with my situation, the briefcase in my hand a constant reminder. One thing was for sure, I didn’t want to force these on anyone. Even if the elixirs supposedly gave me complete control over a girl’s body, having them resent me for it would kinda suck. And even if it did give me control of their minds, the whole thing just seemed wrong to me. Like, I’d be making them into my slaves or dolls or something. I don’t think I could really do that to a girl. Still, the odds of finding a girl who would both willingly go along with this and at the same time not think that I was crazy were slim to none. As it stands, there really aren’t any girls whom I’m on friend status with around here. Not only that, but the one girl who I would even try to ask has a guard dog around her at all times. And this guard dog has a really bad attitude, especially around me.

I saw the school bus pull rolling down the street. Looking at my watch, I noticed that I hadn’t been waiting for more than five minutes or so. Damn, that was quick. Usually I’m here twice as long. Either the bus was really early today or Father time wanted to get the ball rolling quickly (whatever ball that was). I took my seat as the bus started to pull off when I heard a voice calling from outside.

“Waaaiittt! Don’t leave without meeee!!!!” Damn. Looks like someone was SOL (shit outta luck) this morning. I heard the guys in back start a commotion about whoever it was that was chasing after the bus.

“Hey, who’s the black chick? She new around here?”

“Hell if I know, but damn she’s got a fine bod. You see the hooters this girl is packin?”

“Goddamn! I’d do anything to grab a handful of those! Shit I’m about to hope out the window right now!”

“Nigga sit your ass down! The girl ain’t worth going crazy over! Even if she got a huge ass rack!”

That was all I need to hear to turn around and peer through the window. The double take I did almost gave me whiplash. Chasing after the bus was a girl who ran as though her life depended on it. Like those guys said, she did have a nice body, but the first, second, and third thing that caught my attention was the pair of double D’s bouncing around in her shirt and the huge amount of cleavage showing through the opening at the top. Goddamn! How could I not have seen a girl like this wandering around the neighborhood?! My boob radar must need some repairs. (Or an upgrade. Either way I can NOT be unaware of a pair jugs that huge bouncing around my neighborhood).

“Stop the bus!” I yelled frantically to the bus driver.

The bus slowed to a stop, allowing the girl to catch up, huffing and puffing after her early morning bus pursuit.

“Damn Colors,” laughed Jimmy Burgins, a junior who sat behind me. “Didn’t know you wanted to grab some tits that bad. Should’ve jumped out the window instead, heh heh!”

I ignored him and watched as the new girl boarded the bus. After thanking the driver for stopping, the girl went about looking for a seat as the bus continued its usual route. Now even though the bus is never packed, it isn’t exactly easy to find a seat either. The back was a lost cause if you’re not one of the first on the bus, the one seaters were often the next to be filled, and some people liked to monopolized two seaters all to themselves, the part of the seat that they didn’t fill occupied by whatever they brought to school.

I just happened to be on the outside of a two seater. For a moment I thought of moving toward the window and offering a place for the new girl to sit. I really should’ve done that without a second thought, but that remark from Jimmy made me hesitate. That was all the time needed for the perfect chance to slip by. I watched as the new girl passed by my seat toward the back. Well, I guess that’s natural, right? I mean, about half the people who ride the bus head towards the back first, though I don’t know why exactly (it even happened to me a couple of times). I mean, as a kid I always liked how the back bounced the most, but as I got older, it became less of an attraction to me (besides, I did say that the back was often full from the get go). Oh well. Guess I’ll just enjoy my spacious two seater till the end of the ri-

“Excuse me. Can I sit here?”

Surprised, I turned to see the new girl standing right beside me. Or to be more precise, I turned to see a fairly good amount of cleavage facing me. Hello! Can you spell “Lucky”? I hastily started to move inside the seat when the girl asked, “Can I sit on the inside? I’d like to be next to the window.”

Weird question, I thought. At least it was weird for a high schooler to asked. It’s not like we were on an airplane or something. Still, not knowing what to say and not having a reason to refuse, I got up and made room for the girl, enough for her to squeeze inside. Behind us I could hear some of the guys chatting.

“What the fuck? Why’s she sitting with Colors? She attracted to losers?”

“I don’t man, but the nigga is fuckin lucky as hell.”

“Yo Colors, let’s trade seats!”

Ignoring the assholes in the back again, I took my seat beside the new girl. Now, as much as I wanted to look, common sense told me that staring at her boobs was a big no-no right now. Not to be a creeper or anything, but that’s only something that I’d do if she was talking to someone else or was a good distance away from me. But right now, the only distance seperating us was the small briefcase. Definitely a “no stare zone.” Best thing to do was to play it cool and-

“Hey Colors.” I heard Jimmy whisper behind me. “Colors!”

I turned a bit so that I could see his face. “What?” I asked irritably.

“What’s the new girl’s tits look like?”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on man, what do they look like?”

“How should I know?”

“What the hell do you mean “How should you know?” You’re right next to her?!”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“Come on man, just a quick look. Just to see how big they are.”

I gave him a look that said “Forget it,” and turned away. Jimmy kept asking a couple more times. I ignored him, but what I couldn’t ignore was being curious myself. For a girl to have tits that huge and not be overweight was rare. Only place you could see shit like that was on TV (or some other media. You know what I mean).

Just one look couldn’t hurt. You know, a quick glance just to confirm what I saw. Just once.

I turned my head slightly so that I could get a better look at the girl. Her hair was a complete mess, her bangs were so long that I could barely see her eyes. It was dark brown, but had it been green it would look like a bush was on her head. She stared out the window, silent and seemingly oblivious to everything else that was going on in the bus. My guess was that she was a bit of a ditz. I’ve never seen a girl walk out the house with bedhead that bad and seeing that her collar was wrinkled and open was a better indicator as well. Then, slowly, my gaze descended.

Really. You’ve got to be kidding me. Holy shit! Those mangos were freakin huge! Two round, brown bundles of flesh hanging comfortably from her chest! Her shirt was unbuttoned so far down that it was hard to believe that her boobs hadn’t flown out of her top when she ran after the bus! There was so much cleavage showing that I could’ve stuffed my PSP comfortably in there! To make things even better, the bumpiness of the bus ride made her boobs constantly jiggled like a pair of pudding cups. They were such a tease! What would grabbing one of those brown marshmellows fell like?! Oh man, I’d give anything to get a handful of those jiggly pair of-

My view of her cleavage was suddenly blocked by a pair of hands. Snapping out of my daze, I realized that I’d started staring very intently, and obviously, at her boobs. She had, of course, noticed this and opted to ruin whatever fun the view had given me by covering herself and turning her chest away from me. She stared at me through the vines that were her bangs. Then she opened her mouth and uttered softly a single yet devastating word that pierced through my very soul.


Crap! Crapcrapcrapcrap, CRAAAAAP!! Why?! Why did I do that?! I haven’t even talked to this girl and already her opinion of me was dropping like a rock! It wasn’t even a case of judging a book by its cover, she’d gotten a full preview of the contents! She hadn’t even been exposed to the rumors flying around about me in school and already she thought I was a weirdo! Crap! Whyyyy?!!! If I’d played my cards right, I could’ve had this girl drink one of these things in the briefcase! I messed up the one chance that Lady Luck had given me! Completely screwed up the design laid out by some higher being! Dammit, WHYYYYY??!!!!!!

The girl turned away from me, obviously disapproving of my lewd behavior. I just sighed and laid back in my seat. It wasn’t the first time that I’d messed up something good that I had going for me (still sucked though).

“So Colors,” said Jimmy. “How were they?”

I said nothing, but simply gave a thumbs-up where he could see. From what I could hear, he then told the guys in the back of the bus, who then started going crazy from the info that they’d just gotten. Won’t be long before guys start hitting on this girl. I made a slightly disgusted face at the idea of her being turned inside out by the assholes at school. I know one thing, I probably won’t be sitting next to her again anytime soon. Or seeing her possibly.

Oh well. It’s out of my hands now. At least I can still enjoy the rest of the bus ride with some Monster Hunter. It was the second thing that made the morning more enjoyable. I whipped out my PSP, turned on some music, and got to hunting. A couple of minutes passed and I already totally into it. I was actually doing pretty well this morning. The monster that I was hunting had given me a lot of trouble recently and had caused me to restart the mission a bunch of times. Usually I try to avoid this monster because of how annoyingly hard it is, but I kept retrying because I really needed some materials from it. I’d actually been doing well for most of the fight, managing to only die once. Looking at the way things were going so far, I may finish this before I reach the sch-


Squish? The hell was tha-tha-thaaaaaaa- Holy crap!

I didn’t even have to turn my head to see what it was that was squishing against me. Apparently, at some point while I was concentrating on Monster Hunter, the bushy haired girl had leaning over toward me, watching silently as I played. Now she was leaning so close that she was practically right on top of me. Or, to be more accurate, she was close enough that she had a good view of the screen, yet positioned so that her hair wouldn’t distract me (which I found very impressive by the way). Still, she didn’t take into account her boobs, which were pressing up against my arm. I mean, really pressing against my arm, to the point that I could feel every little movement they made whenever the bus rumbled. It might not have been a handful, but being pressed against them still felt really good. Ooh man, this felt nice~ I could just close my eyes and enjoy this feeling forev-

“Oh!” she said suddenly, startling me and bringing my attention back to the screen. In my enjoyment, I hadn’t paid much attention to the game and had caught the brunt of a lethal attack, killing me instantly. Now I only had one more try before it was game over. This was no time to lose myself in the softness of boobies! I was in the middle of a hunt! Focusing on the matter at hand, I went at the monster with everything I had, unleashing a flurry of attacks, dodging it’s attacks by a hair’s breath, restoring health whenever I could in order to not get OHKO’d. It was a battle of epic proportions, man and beast going at it head to head, each attack leading the fight toward it’s dramatic conclusion! And the winner was.....

The monster.

“DAMMIT!!!” I yelled. How could I lose?! I was sooo close!!! My sudden outburst caused several heads to turn to see what the commotion was about.

“What? What happened?” a Shirly Maddison, a girl two seats in front of me asked, her eyes wide from the sudden surprise.

“Yo Colors! Your balls finally dropped out of your pants man?” asked some jerk further back.

“Ay man, can’t ya see da nigga done fucked up with shawti big tits?” yelled some really random guy from the back-“It’s cool dog, I got ya back,” who apparently was defending me.

Raising my arm over my head to give the guy in back a thumbs-up, I turned to see what the girl was doing. She’d retreated back into her spot by the window, acting as if nothing ever happened. I was a little surprised by that. Usually people ask me a ton of questions about what I was playing or what games I played. Still, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed that her curiosity (and her coconuts) is what probably cost me the mission. But I’m more mature than that. It’s just a game, something that I enjoyed in my spare time. I can try again later.

The bus pulled up to the drop-off point at school. Once it slowed to a halt, everyone got off and entered school building. Right before I turned to head down the hallway where my locker was located, someone tapped my shoulder.


I turned around to see Shawti Big Tits (as she was henceforth christened by the random guy on the bus) standing there. “Ugh...Can I help you?” I asked.

“Are you going to bring your PSP tomorrow?” she asked.

Eyebrow raised, I just looked at the girl for a minute. I’d been asked this a couple of times by one or two guys on the bus and in class, but this was the first time a girl had asked me.  Especially one that I’d just met and who probably already thought of me as a perv.

“Uh, sure,” I answered. “I bring it with me everyday.”

“K...” the girl replied. She turned and walked off in the direction of the main office. Of course. She was a new student after all. Probably just moved into town recently. Wonder if she lived by my house?

As I walked to my locker I thought for a minute. Is she gonna watch me play Monster Hunter everyday with those melons pressing on me? I mean, not that I mind, but now I’m less likely to be able to focus on it anymore. Well, at least I’ll have another thing to look forward to in the morning. Never knew that Monster Hunter was a chick magnet, heh heh.
The second chapter of an unlikely, and incredibly perverted, story! Hope you enjoyed it!

An unusual, but pleasant, morning encounter! What future events will take place between the two? Will Quick get a handful of mangos in the future? And will he ever get a face full of boobs and not a hardwood floor. Find out next time!
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wackowhizz369 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
alas, this doesnt happen in real life D:< to me anyways. i hope you use this kind of scenario with these two again
Ferzin-the-hedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Almost thought colors screwed up with the girl.
ARTgazer12 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the dream....wish I had it...
Blackvioxx Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
A nice followup to the last chapter. I liked it. :3
Oxdarock Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thx. :XD:
J-T-D Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Felt a little shorter than the first chapter, but maybe that's because the action was more focused and less drawn out. Still I think I like this more than the first, even if there is no growing boobs and mad scientists. But then again it has games so... I guess it balances out. So... these named extras in the background that pop up... Should I be keeping an eye out for them later?

Also. Damn you for making it better than before when you showed me. I had to read it again and enjoy myself even more! Now the old copy I have pales in comparison...

Loved reading it. As before with chatper one. Can't wait to see how it progresses from here.
Oxdarock Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to see that you liked it. It's true that it did seem shorter than the last chapter, but that's probably because most of it was Quick raging in his head. I personally like more dialogue but since the only talkative person was Quick, it just ended up like this.

Look forward to more chapters (if I can keep pumping them out, heh heh).
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
now this makes me wanna try Monster Hunter
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